Devon Marker Stones

District: Teignbridge                      

Parish: Ashburton        
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  5 Boundary Stones
  3 Crosses
  1 Guide Stone
  3 Marker Stones
  2 Milestones
          Stone Type: Milestone
          Grid Reference: SX/7461/6876
          Location: On the eastern side of the old A38 on the approach to Ashburton
          Notes: The Inscription is now illegible, but may have read 'Ashburton 1 Mile'
 Stone Type: Boundary Stone                
 Grid Reference: SX/7501/6931                
 Location: On the grass behind the Peartree Service Station                
 Inscription: Dartmoor National Park (Boundary)                
              Stone Type: Marker Stone
              Grid Reference: SX/7531/6935
              Location: Built into the top of the bridge parapet
              Inscription: CCCS 1775 B (Meaning unknown)
 Stone Type: St Gudula's Cross                
 Grid Reference: SX/7535/6936                
 Location: In Old Totnes Road, Ashburton, close to the stream.                
 Notes: The cross is right next to St Gudula's Well                
              Stone Type: Marker Stone (Plaque)
              Grid Reference: SX/7536/6936
              Location: In Old Totnes Road, Ashburton, close to the stream.
              Inscription: This Well, the Waters of which are said to be Good for Weak Eyes, was dedicated to St Gudula, the Ancient Patroness of the Blind. The Cross (probably 14th Century) was removed prior to 1510. It was Restored, Re-Erected and Presented to the Parish of Ashburton 1933.
 Stone Type: Churchyard Cross                
 Grid Reference: SX/7551/6977                
 Location: In the Ashburton Churchyard, to the right of the main path leading to the Church.                
                Stone Type: Town Cross
                Grid Reference: SX/7595/7008
                Location: In the main street leading northwards out of Ashburton
                Notes: The cross serves as the Town War Memorial.
 Stone Type: Milestone                
 Grid Reference: SX/7689/7081                
 Location: On the north west side of the old A38, on the slip road to the Devon Expressway.                
 Inscription: From Ashburton II (From Ashburton 2 Miles)                
                Stone Type: Guide Stone
                Grid Reference: SX/717/702
                Location: At the road junction, 1 kilometres north east of Holne Village.
                Inscription: A (Ashburton) / B (Buckfastleigh) / T (Tavistock).
 Stone Type: Boundary Stone                
 Grid Reference: SX/7899/7212                
 Location: Next to a field gateway, 50 metres west of the junction of the A383 with the old A38.                
 Inscription: 2000 Ashburton                
 Notes: This Boundary Stone was erected to mark the millennium and shares its boundary with Bickington.                
Stone Type: Marker Stone
Grid Reference: SX/7546/7001
Location: On the green at Cleder Place, North Street, Ashburton.
Notes: The inscription 'Cleder Place' is now missing, but a faint outline of the words can still just be seen.
 Stone Type: Boundary Stone
 Grid Reference: SX7496/6931
 Location: Set back into the hedge of the road junction at Peartree Cross.
 Inscription: Dartmoor National Park
 Notes: This was one of the original DNP boundary stones which have, more recently, been replaced by large metal plates attached to stones.
Stone Type: Boundary Stone
Grid Reference: SX7656/6948
Location: 15 yards east of the road junction at Whistley Hill.
Inscription: The inscription is no longer visible but would have shown '1 Mile'.
Notes: This is a Parole Stone which shows the limit to where French Prison of War Officers were allowed walk during the Napoleonic Wars.
 Stone Type: Boundary Stone
 Grid Reference: SX/7539/6940
 Location: Built into the garden wall of No: 8 Old Totnes Road.
 Inscription: C - (County Bridge Stone - see note on Home Page)