How well do you know Dartmoor's Crosses? Here are 20 questions to test your knowledge. If you need any help, the answers are all to be found within the crosses pages. Good Luck!

  1. Where is this memorial cross to be found?
    mystery_cross.jpg (48454 bytes)

  2. This cross may have derived its name from either a 16th century tin miner or a religious order.

  3. Samuel, Arron and Sally rested here on the way to their final appointment.

  4. Half of this waymarker to the church at M is buried under the ground.

  5. This inscribed cross is a memorial to 4 British airmen from WW2.

  6. This unusual cross was erected by a well-known local artist.

  7. Which village cross was erected to the memory of Frederic Rogers?

  8. This incised cross received an annual rap from the mediaeval mayor

  9. A cross located close to the last resting place of RC - infamous local squire associated with the hounds of hell

  10. A memorial to a casualty of a civil war skirmish

  11. Ordgar's son needed more than a horse-hair coat to keep him warm on this occasion!

  12. The nearby tinners' reservoir was believed to be bottomless.

  13. A cross with naval connections, close by 'Grimpen Mire'.

  14. Tee for two - but which crosses?

  15. The slot in this cross seems to be someone's piggy-bank.

  16. Also sometimes known as Good-a-Meavy.

  17. The head of this cross is now part of the garden wall at a one-time cider house.

  18. If you can't see well, you may benefit from a trip to this cross in one of Dartmoor's Stannary towns.

  19. You could have beef and pork at this cross!

  20. Finally, there's not much to go on, but can you identify this cross?  mystery_cross_2.gif (14181 bytes)




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