Badger's Holt Incised Cross

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LocationIn the bed of the East Dart River, adjacent to the outside tables of the Badger's Holt tea rooms.

O/S Grid Ref:  SX/6724/7352       Longitude/Latitude (Degrees+/-):  -3.87514/50.54632 

Map location:  Click here to view map.

Purpose: The purpose of this cross is unknown.

Size: The length of the cross is 12 inches (0.30 metres), with a width of 8 inches (0.20 metres) across the arms.

Information: This stretch of the East Dart River is quite wide and shallow and contains a lot of boulders of various sizes which badgers_holt_rocks.jpg (184652 bytes)the current has to wend its way through.  Several of these boulders have had people's initials inscribed onto them but this one stone, in the centre of the river, has had a cross inscribed onto it.  However, it is not known who inscribed the cross onto the rock or the purpose for doing so.


Our thanks to Bob Noakes for bringing this incised cross to our attention and providing the photos.