Cut Hill Incised Cross

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LocationIncised into a flat rock on the summit of Cut Hill

O/S Grid Ref:  SX/59985/82933       Longitude/Latitude (Degrees+/-):  -3.98102/50.62923 

Map location:  Click here to view map.

Purpose: The purpose of this cross is unknown.

Size: Neither the rock nor the cross has yet been measured.

Information: There are three known incised crosses on the summit of Cut Hill.  We currently show two of them on this page and will add the third once cut_hill_3.jpg (209772 bytes)we've had the chance to visit the area and locate this third cross.  I'm afraid we are not aware of the reason why these stones have been so inscribed, but can only guess that it's in remembrance for the loss of a loved one.

Although Cut Hill is one of the remoter areas of Dartmoor it has always been a favourite for the placement of letterboxes with well over 100 boxes being placed in the area during the height of the letterboxing era.  Although there are still letterboxes to be found here, they are not anywhere as numerous as they once were.

In a 2004 survey of the area, Dr Tom Greeves found what is possibly the remains of a barrow, a cairn and a short recumbent stone row on the summit of Cut Hill.  One of the six stones in the possible stone row is commonly known as the Jew Stone, as the stone has the initials JEW inscribed into its upper face.  It is not known what the initials represent, but are more than likely to be the initials of the person who made the inscription.  A number of other stones appear to have acquired names over the years, such as: The Blocks, The Guide Stone, Terry's Stone, The Pipe and Jude's Table. 

guide_stone.jpg (162222 bytes)jew_stone.jpg (167859 bytes)




Our thanks to Paul Ramsbottom for providing photos of the two crosses and the Guide Stone shown on this page.