Hooker Fountain Cross

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Location: 200 metres from the centre of Princetown, on the road to Two Bridges.
O/S Grid Ref: SX/59205/73617       Longitude/Latitude (Degrees+/-):  -3.98851/50.54532
Map location: Click here to view map.
Purpose: The cross provides an ornamental top to the drinking fountain.
Size: The cross has not yet been measured.
Information: This elaborate drinking fountain was a gift to the inhabitants of Princetown by R.H. Hooker Esq. in 1908.  It is a square structure built of granite blocks, which tapers to a point at the back and is topped off by this fine granite cross. As well as providing clean water for humans, there is a trough at ground level for use by animals.  Two hooks can still be seen above the shelf where people could hang their metal mugs when not in use. The cross is square and has been chamfered on all edges.
The acknowledgement on the fountain reads:

T R 1908 DC

  The gift of    
  R. H. Hooker Esq    

('T R D C' was the abbreviation for the Tavistock Rural District Council).

Above this acknowledgement is a metal plaque which reads: This fountain is erected in grateful acknowledgement of the benefits received from the life-giving air of Princetown.