Lustleigh Cemetery Cross

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Location: In the centre of the Lustleigh Cemetery

O/S Grid Ref: SX/78571/80875       Longitude/Latitude (Degrees+/-):  -3.71770/50.61490

Map location: Click here to view map.

Purpose: Cemetery Cross

Size: The cross measures 8 feet 7 inches (2.92 metres) high and 2 feet 5 inches (0.74 metres) across the Arms.  The shaft is 16 inches (0.41 metres) wide by 11 inches (0.28 metres) deep.  The base is 3 feet 9 inches (1.14 metres) wide by 3 feet 2 inches (0.97 metres) deep and 1 foot 8 inches (0.51 metres) high.  The combined height of the two pedestals is 2 feet 8 inches (0.81 metres), which means the top of the cross stands an impressive 13 feet 11 inches (4.24 metres) above the ground.

Information: This square cross sits in its base upon a two stage pedestal.  The lower pedestal is composed of a number of stones arranged in an octagonal shape, topped off by chamfered overhanging stones. The upper layer is of eight larger stones, again arranged into an octagonal pattern. The base has also been chamfered around its upper edge.  The head of the cross contains a large clear incised cross.